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Varuna is a sustainable water bottle company that utilizes the power of UV technology to provide people the confidence to drink safely. Varuna continuously strives toward a cleaner, healthier, and brighter future.  

Nicholas Pardo

Chief Executive Officer

Fatimah Ahmed

Chief Operating Officer

Jake Nahama

Vice President of Sales

Chief Financial Officer

Lead Sales Associate

Isabella Caputo

Sales Associate

Sales Associate

Sales Associate

Dylan McConnel

Chloe Mauldin

Orianna Morales

James Juarez

Juliette Blalock

Vice President for Marketing

Nataly Pacheco Lopez

Marketing Associate

Sidney Frank

Marketing Associate

Claire Bellue

Vice President for Human Resources

Monika McKenna

Human Resource Analyst

Noah Hall

Human Resource Analyst

Lauryn Berger


Joseph Zeimet


Ryan Malavar


Lindsey Orozco Morales

Corporate Social Responsibility

Tevis Von Flue

Web Master

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