The Varuna accessories allow your bottle not only to look more accessorized, but also to allow protection and unique benefits to you and your bottle.

The external filter is geared towards those of you who live in nature. The attachable filter allows you to get clean pure drinking water from almost anywhere. Lake, stream, or river it doesn't matter, this mesh allows you drink water straight from the source as if it was your daily purified water. 



External Filter

 The UV straw cap allows you to drink your fresh and clean water easier. Instead of having to screw off the standard UV cap, this lid makes your water more accessible. Whether you're at the gym or just walking around town, the UV straw cap just makes it easier to drink pure filtered water.



Straw Cap

Add a stylish boot not only for a little bit of pop, but protection as well. The silicone boot preserves your bottle from bumps, dents, and falling over, while simultaneously making you stand out from the crowd.




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